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The future of Television

From the past to the present televisions channels and their programs  are rapidly evolving
from their first incarnations to what they are now.

The real question is what will the television industry will look like in the future, say 15 years down the road?
well, in my view, the entire concept of television will be different.

Let’s take a look at the history of television. The first public exposure to a television set took place in the 1939 World’s Fair by RCA.
The price of the first TV sets was around $600. Approximately the price of a new car in those days.

But, in the early days of television, content was scarce. NBC started broadcasting just before the beginning of WW2, but only after the end of the second world war in 1946, television broadcasts really started to take off in the US.

The revolution started when the price of the TV set dropped down by 50% . That’s when hundreds and thousands were sold.
Since then, the ball began to roll, prices dropped, the size and weight also changed dramatically and in parallel, quality TV shows where produced and easily became accessible.

The next step was color television. CBS was the first company to broadcast in color, and in 1954 this new technology was a “must buy” for most American homes.

The next huge step was the invention of the remote control or “the clicker” as it was called then.

The introduction of the clicker, in turn, introduced us to the “couch potato”, by allowing one to change channels without making any effort.
Soon after came cable TV, increased quality, DVR’s, flat-screen and, increasingly, on-demand television and finally an integrated SMART TV which is a hybrid TV and Internet
content delivery machine.

So what will the future of television look like? In my view, TV will be smarter, faster (basically a computer) with a selection of hundreds of thousands of channels broadcasted
cheaply and easily, basically by anyone.

However, I believe that TV, as a concept, in consumers minds will continue to change and will continue to evolve so that paid TV will co-exist with abundant free TV channels.
The consumer will just need a tools to filter out what he wants to watch, and this will be the beginning of a new area and era in the development of television.

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